Graphic Design & Consulting

What Does “Consultation & Design” Mean?

Consultation and design are the first steps in our proven 5-Step Method by which E.C. Sports brings to life the signage visions of our customers in the Southern Maryland area.

Uses for Consultation & Design

Some folks have a very detailed idea of the kind of signs or graphics they want. We can design their ideal graphic exactly to their specification or point out some ways to improve their idea that would only be known by signage and graphics experts. Other folks have only a vague idea of what they need and come to us to draw up the sign or graphic for them.

Why Choose Us for Consultation & Design?

People come to us and tell us their idea for a design. Sometimes what they need is fairly standard: safety signs, etc. Sometimes they come to us with a sketch of the wall mural or the logo they want on their awning sign. Other times they ask us how big their pole sign can and should be. When it comes to design, we can faithfully recreate your vision, fine-tune your idea, or create a brilliant design all on our own.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Consultation & Design

Whether you need a Shirt design, retractable banner for a trade show we can design it. To learn more about our consultation and design processes, please contact us through our website or by calling us at 301-396-5999.